Akeeba Ltd Usage Stats

Frequently asked questions

  • Which of our software you use, whether it's a Core or Professional version and its version number.
  • Your version of PHP.
  • Which database server technology you use (e.g. MySQL) and its version number.
  • Which CMS you use our software with (Joomla or WordPress) and its version number.
  • A unique, randomly generated identifier which is stored only on your site and which cannot be linked to your site by us. This is only used to prevent double (or triple...) counting your site's usage stats in the same month. If you reinstall our software a new unique, random identified will be generated.

First, upon installation of our software (fresh installation or upgrade). Then we collect it at most once a week when you visit our software's Control Panel page on your site.

We use this information to decide which versions of PHP, database servers and CMS we should stop supporting. Otherwise we'd simply stop supporting older versions when they are no longer actively maintained by their developers, upsetting a lot of our clients who are stuck e.g. on older versions of PHP for various reasons outside their control.

No. All of the information collected is truly anonymous. We cannot link it back to a site or a person. Therefore it is not personal information. As a result it is not covered by any privacy protection legislation, such as GDPR.

No. The information is anonymous. We do not know which of the data points we have collected belong to you, or anybody else for that matter. That's the whole point of the information being anonymous.

No, this is NOT a phone home feature. Our software works perfectly well even if your server blocks transmission of information to this usage stats collection site. Anonymous usage information is transmitted to this site but nothing is transmitted back to your site. No identifiable information is knowingly transmitted at any point. There is no “license check”, no “installed domain check” or any other such nonsense. We hate being spied upon, just like you. As a result we would NEVER spy on our clients and users, in general. We trust our clients to be honest and we expect them to trust that we are honest too. Our software is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 and you get all four of your freedoms guaranteed by the license. We believe in software Freedom and we put our money and code where our mouth is.

You can opt out from usage statistics collection from our software's Options or System Configuration page. Please note that if you uninstall and reinstall our software this setting will be reset.